Sales Training

Are you struggling to sell your product or service? Getting it in front of people, but noone buying? Getting frustrated? Losing money?

Luckily for you, Skochy loves sales, and over the last 16 years, has got pretty good at it. He can sit down with you and/or your sales team and do sales and marketing training.

Complete the form below, and our sales manager Lee will be in touch with you to arrange the next step.

***UPDATE: Since early 2015, we have moved over to a referral-only basis. We apologise but we are no longer accepting enquiries. As the training is carried out by Skochy himself, his time is extremely limited. However, if you think you have an interesting project, please get in touch, and we will see what we can do. It may be that we recommend someone else to you in the interim. Please accept our apologies.


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