Meet The Team

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The Prime Suspects

Scott (Managing Director)

Scott is our MD and founder, and lover of all things sales. You can read all about him here.

Penelope (Reception/PA)

The lady at the sharp end. If you can’t get past our Penelope, well then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Kay (Customer Service Manager)

Kay is the one normally found running around after others’ mistakes (usually Scott’s).

Lee (Sales Manager)

Commander of sales, the one responsible for turning water into wine. Or something like that.

Claire (Accounting Manager)

The one pulling the purse-strings. Don’t enter her office without a cake as a bribe. I didn’t just say that.

Jeje (Marketing Director)

The one responsible for plastering us all over the lampposts of the world. The online world, that is.

Harwinder (Technology Manager)

Everyone needs an evil genius in their ranks. Could probably run the thing better himself. So he keeps telling us, anyway.

Want To Join Us?

Well, that’s us. We’re a different bunch, but we somehow manage to make this thing go. If you want in, complete the form below, and Penelope will let you know if and when any vacancies appear.

Be sure to let us know your skills, and experience, and most of all, your goals.

Good luck!

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