Your PICKLE PITCH Download Page

Thanks for requesting the free tool. There’s a few steps to getting this implemented. It really is a great tool, and I really think it will help you.

I wouldn’t have shared it with you if I didn’t think it would blow your head off.

With that said, follow the steps below to power through this FREE module (module WITHIN a module, to be exact)…


Step 1: Download The PICKLE PITCH Cold Email Template NOW

This ‘man-scoring’, value-assessment, failure diagnostic tool – aimed at ambitious men between 30-65 – will aim to:

  • Allow you to play with very the tool I used for years, that was to be the prototype of the ManUltro™ Value System’s cornerstone tool as it is now
  • Assess and score you in a way you’ve likely never been scored before, to see what’s broken, and what needs to be fixed
  • Highlight the areas and parts of YOU that are weak – as well as strong
  • Begin uncovering the reasons why you’ve been held back for so long
  • Also, we’ll tell you what you need to do next immediately after scoring yourself, to keep the momentum going (key to you finally moving forward)

Without further ado, here’s the PDF for you to download…


Step 2: Put It Into Action NOW

Strike while the iron’s hot, while you have the enthusiasm and momentum. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Do it before that monkey climbs on your back again. Download the PDF. Follow the instructions in the PDF and take action NOW, so it’s done.


Step 3: Come Back And Tell Us How It Worked For You

Tell everyone your good news by clicking here (takes you to the comments box at the blog post for this module).


Step 4: Congratulate Yourself On Being A Master Of The Universe

Yeah, that’s right.


Step 5: Upgrade To The ManUltro™ Value System Membership Programme (MVSMP) – Scientific Self Development For Ambitious Men

This is ONE small part of ONE module of a huge, weekly programme designed to transform you completely – inside-out. Want the entire syllabus that this is from – for the special charter price of $1 per month?

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