Cookies – What They Are And How They Are Used

Cookies are pieces of information placed onto your computer by the website you have visited. These pieces of information are stored as text files, and are used to improve the user experience and functionality of the web site.

Here at Skochy Prosperity Investment, we use cookies to update your shopping cart and to keep your cart displayed whilst you continue shopping. They are also used to update and retrieve your account information. Some websites use certain cookies to display appropriate ads on the site, and to retrieve personal information about a user’s browsing history. We DO NOT use these cookies, and no ads are displayed on this site.

There are ways to block the use of cookies on all major browsers, and this is fairly easy to do. Please refer to the specific browser’s user instructions. Blocking cookies will limit your usage of our website though, as the basket will become inactive, and your cart will not update. This will lead to problems in purchasing from our website.

Cookies are used throughout the World Wide Web, and any web site you visit can store certain information on your computer as cookies. Most are not harmful, and help to enhance your user experience. The cookies on this website are un-intrusive and safe.