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If you’ve had success from any of our products or services, we’d love to hear from you. On a regular basis, we share success stories with our audience.

And oftentimes, this can be good exposure for a growing business/individual.

We’re interested in all the gory details – why you got started, what your challenges were, how you beat them, and how you’re doing now. It all helps.

If you’re interested in leaving your testimonial, read the guide below.

Live Testimonials

Please note: Due to the nature of our business, most of our clients – particularly those who go the whole way with us – request their business with us remain confidential, so as to not alert their competition.

For this reason, we don’t tent to publish many client testimonials, and that’s why we don’t keep a public portfolio.

We will, on the other hand, happily give you details to some of our clients – those who have previously agreed, so you are free to contact them. But we will only do this after we have reached a certain point in the process, so we know you are serious.

We are currently in the process of adding links to recent testimonials of Skochy Prosperity Investment’s products and services here.

How To Leave Your Testimonial

First step, please take a moment to apply below, and Penelope will then be in touch with the next step.

Be sure to include:

  • Business name and URL;
  • Link to your headshot;
  • Bio (3-4 sentences);
  • A bit about you – who you are, and what you do for fun;
  • What you do and what got you into it;
  • Your toughest challenges;
  • Your biggest wins to date;
  • Your biggest hurdle when you found Scott;
  • Stuff of his that has helped you to grow;
  • Things you’re really looking forward to going forward;
  • Which of Scott’s products you’ve invested in.

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