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  • Real-world, proven, actionable strategies to improve your life.
  • Interesting, quirky, honest, vulnerable, chortle-inducing writing, at all costs.
  • A more profitable business/career, and a more fulfilled life.

Whether through our hard-hitting, lengthy articles, our podcast and YouTube channel, our premium products, the events Skochy speaks at, or indeed his 17+ years experience in business, sales, marketing and coaching, our #1 goal is to help you to become a more successful, high-achieving man.

Skochy – The Musical Salesman

Our focus at Skochy Prosperity Investment (with this website) is to coach ambitious men with a passion to succeed – be it in a business, or maybe a product/service for their job, talent like acting/music/art, or even just their personality, for leading people, and attracting/keeping women.

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We also specialise in joint ventures, sales training, and sales development/marketing consulting.

To that end, we constantly are researching new tools, resources, methods, strategies and formulas to push us – and our clients, readers and subscribers – forward. We document everything we discover on our this ‘ere blog “From Zero To Hero Five Zeros”.

On top of that, we ALSO make audio and video versions of every episode for our podcast “Skochy Radio”, and our YouTube channel “Skochy TV”. Over there, we also do interviews, videos of cool stuff, and all kinds of exciting tomfoolery, so it’s worth subscribing to them both, also.

Some people like to play them in the background whilst working, playing, or driving.


The 4-Quadrant ManUltro™ Value System (And How It Will Help You)

ManUltro™ Value SystemOur content, moreover, our entire philosophy, is built within the ManUltro™ Value System, 4-quadrant syllabus, created by Skochy. The idea is that as men, we have four quadrants that we need to keep levelling-up – as well as balanced – to achieve the tasty goodness that life has to offer.

There’s the ‘emotional quadrant‘ – this is the driver of everything, the passionate, desire-seeking, goal-driven, carnal animal.

Then there’s the ‘mental quadrant‘, which is the cool, rational, head of operations, the ultimate decision-maker of everything the emotional quadrant says it wants.

Next is the ‘physical quadrant‘, the vehicle that carries us around. Without this, we can’t go anywhere or do the things the emotional quadrant wants to do, that the mental quadrant has permitted. This is why we look after it.

Finally there’s the ‘socioemotional quadrant‘. As human beings, we are social animals, and true happiness lies in connecting with others. This is the quadrant that makes that happen.

Together, the four quadrants work together, and levelled-up – as well as balanced – they ensure the life that we as men desire is being achieved.


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Articles By Quadrant

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Emotional (Quadrant 1) Articles & Guides

Emotional (Quadrant 1)The passionate, red, deep-driven quadrant. Including: finding & living your purpose, humour, living with passion, freedom, travel & adventure, creativity, meditation, relaxation, calmness.

Discover stuff like:

  • Make money doing what you love
  • Live your dream lifestyle
  • Energise your life with hobbies/fun stuff
  • Develop a joy for life

View all articles and guides…

Mental (Quadrant 2) Articles & Guides

Mental (Quadrant 2)The cool-headed, blue, decision-making quadrant. Including: self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness, charisma, reason, logical deduction & lateral thinking, memory, philosophy, integrity, self-discipline, communication, social intelligence, wit, leadership, wisdom, business acumen, money management, how to sell, marketing, survival.

Discover stuff like:

  • Drastically increase your income
  • Inspire people to follow you
  • Develop unstoppable confidence
  • Get more done

View all articles and guides…

Physical (Quadrant 3) Articles & Guides

Physical (Quadrant 3)The evergreen, green, vehicular quadrant. Including: vitality, temperance, endurance, body strength, power, flexibility, posture, self-defence, attractiveness, grooming, style & fashion, physique, sleep.

Discover stuff like:

  • Build a beautiful, masculine body
  • Dress like a celebrity
  • Optimise your diet
  • Win friends & women with strong body language

View all articles and guides…

Socioemotional (Quadrant 4) Articles & Guides

Socioemotional (Quadrant 4)The warm, orange, social/bonding quadrant. Including: love, romance, family, friendship, sex, brotherhood, networking, community, courtesy, gentlemanners, charity, justice, teaching and coaching.

Discover stuff like:

  • Have better relationships
  • Attract women and/or keep them
  • Have better sex
  • Serve the community & make the world a better place

View all articles and guides…

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