Do you dream of being a high-achieving man? A life full of travel, freedom, romance, and adventure? Money absolutely no issue ever again?

Do you dream of having a successful business, or career? Owning your life and your choices? Being respected by your peers?

Are you an ambitious man with something to sell, be it a business product/service, career/profession, talent like acting/music/art, or even just your personality, for leading people, and attracting/keeping beautiful women?

Have you been struggling for 10 years or more to make progress towards your dreams, but not getting anywhere?

If this is you, then you’re in the right dang place, my friend.

I’m Skochy, creator of the famous ManUltro™ Value System – Scientific Self Development For Ambitious Men, and with that said, let me take you by the hand, and let’s go on a little journey, on this here page…

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Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest for a sec…

  • Does it feel like you’ve been at this for years, yet getting nowhere?
  • Does it seem that all your heroes and mentors just seemed to get it cracked in a single year or two?
  • Does it seem like your heroes and mentors were already successful at something else before they made it, yet here you are starting from nothing?
  • Does it seem like they had a budget to really attack their problems, yet here you are working with scraps?
  • Does it feel like you’re running on a treadmill, whilst everyone else you know is making progress in life?

If this is true, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve all been there, my friend…


I Know How You Feel…

SkochyI felt this way from about the year 2000, to 2014.

I tried everything. Network marketing. Affiliate marketing. AdSense. AdWords marketing/arbitrage. Email marketing. Ebooks. I tried it all. I even had a dating site for goodness sake.

I made a bit here and there, but largely, I always seemed to spend more on marketing than I made, and my dreams kept getting further away.

Until 2014, when FINALLY, I started making a consistent living, enough to quit the sales job I had at the time – the last job I ever had (I’d had a few jobs here and there previously, throughout the years to pay my way, generally in the sales/marketing arenas).

I was generating leads for small businesses, and it was working. I had a good pitch, which got better and better, my sales skills were very good now, and I was much more efficient. I was starting very gently to kick some behind.

It was like the previous 14 years was an apprenticeship for me, and everything before that had been leading up to this. Now it’s night and day compared to where I was. Now I live a life of travel and adventure with my beautiful girlfriend, Jem (that’s the hottie in the pic).

But I had to go through all that to get me here (and MANY low points along the way, which you’ll learn about on the blog). To learn all this. To be able to appreciate this. To have the insight. To be able to connect with those in the same place: ambitious men with a passion to live their dreams, but who haven’t yet made it.

And that’s why I created this site.



This site was originally just used as a brochure site to send prospects and clients to if they wanted to check us out. My company, Skochy Prosperity Investment, is a prosperity investment brokerage. People and companies invest their resources with us, and we aim to to deliver a return in prosperity for them.

We do this by creating business and untapped profit sources for companies, overhauling sales and marketing systems, developing sales skills, and carrying out personal success coaching for men. And we used to advertise directly offering these services. But now we do it differently.

Now we create a relationship with people, building our subscriber list. And then when we have an opening for a new client, we have a list of people we know, like and trust, to offer the slot to.

And I decided to use this site more for developing that trust with prospects. I use it to write our blog, to offer special deals, and all kinds of stuff now. So it has become a training ground for like-minded men.


My Goal For This Site is now all about inspiring, teaching, and supporting ambitious men from around the world, to help them achieve their goals of work and personal success.

Through our blog, podcast, YouTube channel, products and services, our mission is to offer live, real-world, tested strategies, for success in a work and personal environment. We offer tools, formulas, and resources to push you forward to achieve all the good stuff you want.

My personal journey to a five zero monthly income, From Zero To Hero Five Zeros, is showcased on the blog, the podcast Skochy Radio, and also the YouTube channel Skochy TV. It is the place where I openly discuss the strategies that are pushing me toward that income, as well as the strategies that DON’T work.

I personally share what works for me, and for us here, and I give you guides on how to use the stuff, with the goal that it will move you nearer to your dreams.

We’re building an active community here. Here’s the most recent comments from the site:



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Thank You

I want to help you. I’m here for you as a teacher, and also as friend.

If you asked me what my mission in life was, I’d say, to leave the world better than I found it. Whilst having a kick-arse time. And that’s what I want for you – to leave you better than I found you.

I’m on a journey, and I want you to be a part of it. I want to know everything there is to know about you and your goals.

The only way I grow is if I help you grow, and that’s my mission. So if you ever contact me, I’ll do my hardest to get back to you as soon as I can.

And if you ever have any feedback for me, and ideas on how I can improve, I’ll always listen. And together we can make the world a better place.

Or something like that.

Hope we can have a beer sometime. Followed by a Scotch. Or even better, a single malt. But I’m not fussy.

Stay excellent, friend.

Yours in prosperity,

Skochy – The Musical Salesman (since 2000)
“mecum et incipio et finio”
Prosperity Investment Broker, CEO & Founder (and guitarist),
Skochy Prosperity Investment Ltd –
“Because Your Prosperity Is The Greatest Investment”